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Nitrogen Generators for the Food


Nitrogen Generators for the Food

Beverage Industry
Nitrogen gas is a critical component for packaging in the food and beverage industry. 


     It helps prevent food from spoiling, helps maintains freshness and significantly extends the shelf life of various food and beverage items by preventing oxidation.

Constantly having to replenish your nitrogen supply or replacing nitrogen cylinder gas on a regular basis can get expensive and increase your operational costs. Installing an onsite nitrogen generating system not only helps you save a lot of money but also gives your facility the convenience of producing its own nitrogen on site, on demand and as required.


Manufacturing and storage facility managers have enough on their plates without also having to constantly worry about checking their nitrogen supply levels. When you have your own onsite nitrogen generator for food production, you can rest assured that your nitrogen supply will never run out.

The Role of Nitrogen Generation in the Food and Beverage Industry
Nitrogen gas can play an important role in the food and beverage packaging industry as well as the food transportation industry.


Through a process called gas flushing or modified atmospheric packaging (MAP), nitrogen gas is injected directly into food and beverage packaging to extend and maximize the shelf life of the products. MAP is a particularly beneficial process in enhancing the product shelf life when packaging fatty snack foods such as potato chips or when packaging dairy products such as cheese.

Beverage products such as fruit juice and wine stored in containers that contain nitrogen gas in the package head space to prevent oxidation (contact with oxygen in the air) will have greatly enhanced shelf life as well.

Nitrogen Generators for the Food

Shipborne nitrogen generating systems on fruit carrying cargo ships will help fruit products such as bananas and apples stay fresh and reduce spoilage while being transported on the ocean over great distances.

Nitrogen generating systems from Advanced Gas Technologies produce food-grade nitrogen gas that is capable of maximizing the shelf life of food and beverage products. Onsite nitrogen generators substantially cut nitrogen costs associated with MAP for food and beverage production companies.

Nitrogen Applications in the Food and Beverage Industry
Advanced Gas Technologies provides food-grade nitrogen generators for the following food and beverage industry sectors:


Snack food manufacturers of potato chips or other related snack foods that require a 99%+ nitrogen purity rating
Beverages such as fruit and vegetable juices that require 99%+ nitrogen purity rating
Coffee packaging production lines for whole beans, ground coffee, and espresso pods that require a 99%+ nitrogen purity rating

Controlled atmosphere fruit storage which requires a 97%-99% nitrogen purity rating, allowing fruits and vegetables to mature and ripen at a controlled pace
Any other food manufacturer that utilizes MAP processes to prevent spoilage, maintain flavour, preserve freshness, and maximize product shelf life of the foods they are producing


Onsite nitrogen generators help lower production costs associated with MAP therefore improving the producers bottom line. Your customers will be happy as the product you’re supplying them will be fresher and have a greatly enhanced shelf life that will lower expensive waste and improve their profitability. That’s a win-win proposition for all parties!

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