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Nitrogen Generators for Fruit Storage

Nitrogen Generators for Fruit Storage

     Have you ever wondered how out-of-season fruit or fruit imported from different parts of the world manages to stay fresh before reaching your local supermarket? The answer is controlled atmosphere storage that includes the use of nitrogen gas. Fruit storage facilities are flushed with nitrogen gas to prevent high levels of oxygen from prematurely ripening or spoiling the fresh product. Onsite nitrogen generators for fruit storage are a convenient and affordable solution that ensures and prolongs product freshness.


Why Is Nitrogen Used for Fruit Storage?

     Oxygen exposure speeds up the ripening and spoiling process in fruit, which is a huge problem when it’s being imported from different regions and countries. Nitrogen gas is used to flush out as much oxygen as possible in food storage containers to help fruit maintain its freshness longer so that it can be enjoyed by consumers. Controlled atmosphere storage that includes the use of onsite nitrogen gas generators prevents fruit from spoiling during the transportation process. It also helps the fruit maintain its taste longer.

What Is the Role of Nitrogen Gas Generators in the Controlled Atmospheric Storage of Fruit?

     Onsite nitrogen gas generators help save fruit processing and storage facilities a great deal of time and money. By generating nitrogen onsite, these facilities eliminate nitrogen tank delivery expenses and delays. Onsite nitrogen generators are also more reliable because they provide a consistent supply of nitrogen. Producing your own nitrogen also reduces your carbon footprint because it means there are fewer transport trucks on the road.
     Nitrogen is an inert gas and is completely undetectable to the senses. You can’t see it or taste it and it won’t alter the appearance or flavour of the fruit. All nitrogen does is displace oxygen, thus slowing down the fruit ripening process. This enables even tropical fruit to be sold year-round and worldwide, even when it’s out of season.
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