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Nitrogen (Nitrogen Gas) in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Drugs or pharmaceuticals, articles intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. or human sickness which can be taken orally, applied, injected, or ingested in order for the active ingredient to work at its full potential Since the production process as well as storage, it is necessary to maintain the condition of the drug or pharmaceutical products always. because it may deteriorate if received by various factors By deterioration, it is divided into
1. Chemical deterioration reduce the amount of important drug and an increase in the decomposition
2. Physical deterioration cause irregularities in shape, color, smell, taste, clarity or cloudiness or sedimentation
3. Biological deterioration causing contamination of germs beyond the safe level
Most of the factors that cause the deterioration of medicines or pharmaceutical products are from the environment such as temperature, light, oxygen gas, carbon dioxide, humidity, etc. The deterioration of the drug can be avoided by proper storage accordingly. The label indicated next to the package of the medicine.
Observing that the drug has deteriorated or cannot be easily noticed as follows:
– Notice the expiration date indicated on the package.
– Notice the color of the drug The appearance of the pills is unevenly colored. Broken or swollen pills, etc.
– Notice for a strange odor or an unusual foul odor
-Observed from the clumping of the drug
The general storage of medicines is
– Store in a sealed dry container. in a well-ventilated room
– Store in the dark Medicines should be stored in opaque cabinets. or store in an opaque container
– Store in a cool place. Avoid areas with hot weather.
But before a drug or pharmaceutical product reaches the consumer The manufacturer must have a process to maintain the condition of the drug or pharmaceutical as well. One of the steps for preservation of drugs or pharmaceuticals is nitrogen gas storage for oxidized drugs such as catecholamines (dopamine), morphine, vitamin A, unsaturated free fatty acid, pyrantel, pyrimidine. etc. in the production process when the drug The finished production must be stored under oxygen-free nitrogen gas. so that the drug does not deteriorate and distribute to consumers safely
For the nitrogen gas used in pharmaceutical storage, high purity is required. Lowest amount of oxygen contaminants according to European Pharmacopoeia. Nitrogen, Low-oxygen analysis.
– This preservation and packing process can also be used in the cosmetic industry.
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